5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

Nowadays, there are many music streaming apps available for Android and iOS devices. A lot of people are confused about which one to pick so here we have shared the list of of top 5 best free music streaming apps and at the end of this article, we have created a table in which we’ve compared the features of all these music streaming apps which could be very helpful to you to decide the best app as per your need.

Technology seems to be a boon for music lovers, which has made the job of searching for a desired music so easy that just by humming, you can find the song. With the help of music streaming platforms, any kind of music, song, albums, podcasts, and playlists, are available for free of charge, and they allow you to access to it vary libraries.

Currently, there is a wide range of music streaming platforms which has their own services. These apps are safe and secure to install on your devices. Moreover, these music streaming platforms are easily compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Best Free Music Streaming Apps

What are music streaming platforms?

Previously people used to download MP3 files from third-party sources and use a music player app to play the downloaded music but playing and finding music has become much easier with the music streaming platforms that works with the internet. You need to have a contestant internet connection to stream music and audio content from these music streaming apps.

Music streaming platforms play music in a never-ending loop, where you can access every type of music content from different countries, and different languages, let’s know some top popular music streaming platforms and their unique features in detail.

Top 5 Popular Music Streaming Apps

Vi Music

Vi Music

Vi Music platform is one of the most popular music streaming platforms, where you can find various types of music, songs, albums, and other audio content. Vi Music comes with many amazing inbuilt features which enrich the user experience.

Unique features:

  • Vast music library: You can traverse to a wide range of music and songs. Also, you can listen to classic music to rap music, which means you can access diverse music content. 
  • Ad-free: Many music streaming platforms have annoying and disturbing ads, which ruin the listening experience. But you can use Vi Music which is completely ad-free. 
  • Offline availability: Vi music allows you to download your songs and other music file. Hence, later you can access them without using the internet. This offline feature is most common among Music streaming apps.


Spotify is a globally popular free music streaming platform, with lots of fantastic features. Using Spotify has dual benefits, one is you can enjoy various types of music content, and the second is you can start making revenue with it. Furthermore, you can also build a network by hosting podcasts and promoting your products. Ultimately, Spotify is one of the most productive music streaming platforms. 

Unique features:

  • Free and Premium version: Spotify allows you to access its audio content for free and premium versions. Users get some additional advantages with the premium version such as no ads, unlimited skips, etc.
  • Easy downloads: With just one click you can download your favorite music, podcasts, songs, and albums, and you can access them offline. 
  • Easy playlist creation and recommendation: If you don’t want to miss your favorite song or album, you can save them by creating a playlist. Also, Spotify recommends you with trending and fresh music content, so that you won’t miss any of them.
YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music streaming platform has more than one billion users and daily people enjoy the songs, music, BGM, Ost’s, and albums. People are satisfied with its wide range of music libraries, and personalized playlists, and you can explore various audio content from many different languages. If you love to listen to live music performances, then the YouTube music streaming app is most recommended for you. Moreover, its features are mesmerizing, where one of its features where you can play music in the background and work on your device at the same time. 

Unique features:

Features like offline play mode, quick search, ad-free, playlist creation, and many other features are availed on the YouTube music app. Also, you can use the app in the free version or can access the premium version. The premium version subscription plans are also affordable. 

  • Various genres: YouTube music streaming app allows you to dive into various music genres such as Hip-hop, K-pop, classical, Electronic, Indie, Blues, and many more.
  • Large library: The app allows you to access more than 100 million songs, which are trending, catchy and soothing. So, you can listen to songs, and other audio content on YouTube music until your last breath.
  • Offline Playback: The free version allows users to download and save music and video content to listen to them later without the internet.


Deezer is one of the trending music apps across the globe. The app provides you with more than 100 million songs, which means it has a huge library. The Deezer app has similar features to Spotify, where you can listen to podcasts along with various audio content. The Deezer app can be used for complete free, premium, and its Deezer family version. 

Unique features:

  • Device compatibility: Some music streaming platforms do not support all types of operating systems. But, the Deezer app has the best device compatibility, where you can use Deezer on Android, smartwatches, Desktop, and iOS devices. Apart, from operating systems, the Deezer app supports all types of sound systems.
  • Fast Search Engine: Deezer has a high-performance search engine, where you can search your favorite song using the artist’s name, song title, or other minute details. Deezer works effectively in bringing quick and helpful results.
  • Deezer’s Lyrics: You can play and share lyrics of your favorite songs with your friends and family.


SoundCloud is a free music streaming platform, where you can listen to unlimited songs, music, and podcasts and you can upload your audio content on SoundCloud.  Also, SoundCloud has no annoying or disturbing ads, and it’s very easy to use. The user interface of the app is the attractive part, where you can create your playlists very easily. 

Unique features:

Some common features of SoundCloud which is availed for free are High-quality music, offline listening, a fast search engine, easy commenting, and a great platform for creators. 

  • Easy sharing: If you are a music content creator, then you can upload and share your content with your friends and family with the easy sharing feature of SoundCloud. 
  • Interact with Artist: With SoundCloud, you can interact with the artist and other viewers by commenting on the song or music. Users can share their feedback, suggestions, and appreciation via the comments.
  • Anyone can Upload: SoundCloud allows all users to upload music and songs for free of cost. However, you need to own all the rights to your music.


There are many trending and high-standard music streaming platforms, but the above is the most popular. Music streaming platforms have high-quality and rich audio content. Some contents are available for free, while others have a stipulated subscription plan. Some streaming platforms such as Spotify allow user to showcase their talent and provide revenue for their creative work. While some provide great services for their users.

The above-mentioned music streaming platforms have a wide range of interesting features like offline listening, easy download, high-quality search engines, and many more. Moreover, these streaming platforms are compatible with all types of devices such as Android, iOS, and many more.   

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