Vi Music For iOS Download (No Ads, 100M+ Songs) 2024

Are you looking to download Vi Music for iOS devices? Then you’re at the right place. Vi Music is one of the most trending and popular music streaming services available in our today’s world. This app is mainly used by Android users but now it can also be installed on iOS and iPhone devices.

This app extracts content from the YouTube Music platform which provides over 100 million songs and music so you won’t ever feel a lack of music and content in this app. Indulge your inner audiophile with Vi Music, offering limitless access to YouTube’s vast array of tunes that soothe stresses and amplify happiness.

Vi Music For iOS

Download Vi Music For iOS

Vi Music For iOS is the #1 free music streaming app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Pro devices. Download the ViMusic App to bask in uninterrupted musical bliss while you listen to your beloved songs, playlists, and albums.

Vi Music For iOS

Vi Music is nothing short of a musical oasis — an ad-free music streaming app that won’t cost you a dime! This app has become so popular in recent days and many iOS users request us to show how to install it on iPhone and iPad devices. ViMusic IPA works on all iOS devices and it provides almost the same feature as it offers for Android devices.

What sets Vi Music for iOS App apart? It weaves together artistry and technology, providing premium quality service without asking for your wallet’s attention. So, let’s check out all the features and highlights of this app and then explore the installation guide to make it your own.

Vi Music For iOS

Features of Vi Music For iOS

Vi Music App is a professional music streaming app that provides advanced and premium features such as unlimited skips, high-quality music and an ad-free experience for free of cost. Here we have explained some of the key highlights of this app in the simplest form possible for easy understanding.

High-Quality Audio

It offers a realistic experience of listening to music and songs because of its high-quality audio and it also supports audio of various formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV audio.

User interface

The design and layout of this app on iOS devices is very similar to Android. However, the animations and responsiveness of this app are much better in this iOS version. It shows all the featured and training content on the home screen and it recognizes the user’s taste of music as you use this app for better recommendations.

No Ads Interruption

Vi Music app does not contain any ads which means you can enjoy a completely ad-free experience of listening to your favorite songs and music for free of cost.

Themes & Customizations

If you don’t like the simple white theme and want to darken the background then you can easily switch the app to the pure dark theme and it also has a dynamic theme option that makes it a little stylish by changing the complete black color into a mix of other dark colors.

Smooth Transition Between Songs

Usually, the ending and beginning of a song contain almost 20 to 60 seconds of a silent part which can be reduced by using the Skip Silence feature in this app which minimizes the muted part from the starting and ending of the song for quicker and better transition from one song to another.

Loudness Normalizations

Some Pop songs and rap songs very quickly change the volume levels which might be irritating for a few people so this music streaming app also has a loudness normalization mode which automatically adjusts the volume levels during the playback and provides a stable level of volume while listening.

Backup & Restore

It does offer a built-in backup and restore feature and it relies on the device’s local storage. So, you must have the backup file on your local storage to restore the data and you can easily create a backup on your device’s local storage from its settings.

How to Download Vi Music For iOS

You can not find the Vi Music App on your official App Store. Therefore, a lot of people face difficulties while downloading and installing this app. However, it is very easy to install it on iPhone. We have shared the simple and easiest method to download and install this app on any iOS device. We have also shared a video which you can watch for better understanding.

Step 1: First of all, Go to the “Settings” and click on the “App Store” then enable the Automatic Downloads option.

Step 2: Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and search “”.

Step 3: Now, click on the search bar provided on the website and type “ViMusic”

Step 4: Tap on the “Download Now” button and wait until the processing and setup are completed.

Step 5: Navigate to the Settings of your iOS device and tap on the “Profile Download” option.

Step 6: Under the Profile Download, click on Vi Music and tap on the “Install” button on the top right corner and click on “Next” then install the app.

Step 7: Go back to the home screen of your iPhone and you will see a new ViMusic App icon so tap on it to open the app and enjoy all its features on your iPhone.

Advantages & Limitations of Using Vi Music App

  • No need to sign up or create an account
  • No money is charged to removed ads
  • Easy to use and Simple UI
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Better Customization settings
  • Not Available on Apple’s official App Store
  • Difficult to Update this app
  • Might raise security concerns when downloading it from untrusted sites.
  • No Podcast or Audiobook content in this app


Where to Download the ViMusic App on iOS?

ViMusic is not available on Apple’s official App Store. Therefore, you have to download it from third-party sources. We have recommended the best source to download the Vi Music App and it 100% works on all iOS devices.

Is it Safe to install the Vi Music App on iPhone?

Yes, ViMusic App is developed by vfsfitvnm which is a GitHub-verified developer. Vi Music is a completely safe and secure app to use on iPhone devices.

Is Vi Music Better than the Free Version of Spotify?

The Free version of Spotify poses a lot of restrictions such as limited skips, contain ads, and no offline playback but you can use all these features for free with the Vi Music App.

How do I search for and find specific songs or artists on the Vi Music iOS app?

The app provides a search button at the bottom right corner so tap on it and enter the song title, album or artist name to find the specific song you want to listen.

How do I customize my ViMusic settings on the iOS app?

When you open the Vi Music App, there is a settings icon on the top left corner so tap on it and you will see all the customization settings such as Appearance, Playlist, Database, Cache, and more.

How can I report issues or give feedback about the Vi Music app on iOS?

To report an issue or feedback to the developer of this app, Go to the Vi Music App’s settings and tap on the About section then click on “Report an issue” to open the GitHub page where you have to create an account and then you can share the information about the issue you’re facing in this app or any other feature you want to be added to this app.


Vi Music is the best free music streaming platform for those who want high-quality audio without any ad interruption but don’t want to spend money on buying any subscription. This app is based on YouTube Music API and it provides over a hundred million songs at your fingertips. Downloading Vi Music for iOS devices is really simple and straightforward process. We’ve shared the complete tutorial on downloading and setting up this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Pro device.

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